Classic Indian Robusta, bold, intense



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  • Origin INDIA
  • Region Karnataka, Southern India
  • Producer Elkhill Estate
  • Packing 60kg
  • Harvest November - March
  • Score 80
  • Type robusta
  • Varietals Canephora Robusta
  • Processing Fully Washed, Grade B
  • Altitude 900 - 1100 MASL
  • Prep Fully washed



Classic Indian Robusta, bold, intense, dark chocolate



Elkhill Estate

The Elk Hill and Fairlands Groups of Estates in Coorg were bought in December, 1952. This was followed by an additional purchase of the Raigode Group in January, 1954, Mylatpur Estate in April, 1957 and Karumbaramotte Estate in 1986.

At present, the Elk Hill Group consists of 8 Estates, totaling 927 hectares of planted coffee (320 ha. for Arabica crop and 607 ha. for Robusta crop) and produces about 1000 tonnes of clean coffee per year, on an average, out of which 50 tonnes is organically cultivated coffee. The Estate has an in-house coffee curing facility, which ensures that the coffee is properly processed and does not lose its identity.

  • Elk Hill is approx. 1050 MASL with undulating terrain
  • Temperatures range between 12º C to 34ºC
  • Average rainfall of 1400 to 1500 mm annually.
  • All the coffee grown is under natural shade
  • Total commitment to preserving the environment in its natural state.

Coffee Cultivation:

  • To further improve quality, we have undertaken massive replanting operation
  • Coffee varieties with good cupping qualities have been selected for planting
  • On coffee berries ripening, they are selectively harvested

Sustainable Coffee:

  • Focus towards ensuring maximum efficiency of all resources
  • Reduction in effluent generation by 50%
  • Conversion of effluent into compost – recycle
  • Reduction in consumption of electricity by 80% using only LED lighting


  • Elk Hill Coffee is a Specialty Coffee and a member of the Specialty Coffee Association of Europe (SCAE)
  • The Coffee’s have won numerous “Flavour of India” awards and has been described as “A definite palate glider with smooth and creamy yet chocolate tones creating the foam and crema for your expresso cup”


  • Employees we believe are our ‘asset’
  • Our day care centers map the children’s growth monthly
  • Immunization program’s are carried out at regular intervals
  • Elk Hill is UTZ and Rain Forest Certified

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Enquire to request pricing and availablity of IN Elkhill Estate Parchment B Robusta

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