Sweet, pineapple, cocoa, blueberry



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  • Origin NICARAGUA
  • Region Jinotega
  • Producer La Bastilla Estates
  • Certifications Rainforest Alliance Certified,
  • Packing 30 kg
  • Harvest 11th January 2018
  • Type arabica
  • Varietals Red Catuai
  • Processing Natural
  • Altitude 1250 - 13500 MASL
  • Prep Natural, sundried.Picked at final stage of ripeness



Sweet coffee fruit, pineapple, fresh cocoa, blueberry, candy like overall sweetness.

This is a truly exceptional coffee from the El Peñón micro-farm on the estate which has optimum soil and altitude for the Red Catuai varietal. The amazing taste comes from the cherries being hand-picked when very ripe then slowly and carefully dried at a low temperature. Of all the microlots, El Peñón Natural is most difficult and time consuming to process but the end result speaks for itself. [2017 this was named Blueberry Candy]





La Bastilla Estates
La Bastilla Estates

La Bastilla Coffee Estates owns two coffee farms in Nicaragua, La Bastilla in Jinotega and Santa Luz in Matagalpa. Under Markus Fisher who runs the estate and Agronomist, Martin Montero, they have both focussed on the speciality market. The estate is fully independent, using its own resources for every stage of the operation from seed to export container. La Bastilla works closely with F.E.E.R; the Foundation for Rural Education and Entrepreneurship which engages the farms youth to promote quality education. The estate has around 50 permanent staff and up to 500 temporary staff during harvest. Production is 4000 sacks per year.

We have a long association with La Bastilla Estate and in particular coffees from the La Bastilla farm. Situated approximately 20 kilometres from Jinotega, the farm is adjacent to the Datanli el Diablo Nature Reserve, an important biological reserve in the Jinotega area. The farm itself covers 311 hectares with 160 hectares under coffee cultivation. The remaining area is mostly primary forest protected by law through its proximity to the nature reserve. This forest area provides La Bastilla with a unique microclimate and sanctuary for a number of plant, animal and bird species. Some land on the estate is dedicated as an agricultural area used by La Bastilla Agricultural Technical School. Opened in 2008, the school trains students in agriculture and eco-tourism.

La Bastilla farm also has a number of micro-plantations at different locations and altitudes that produce some amazing coffees including the wonderful El Penon Blueberry Candy. 2017 is our second season of La Bastilla micro specialities.




Enquire to request pricing and availablity



Enquire to request pricing and availablity of NI Microlot El Peñón Natural 2018 Crop

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