ET Hambela Wamena Grade 3 Natural

Floral, fruity, spicy

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Bean Details

Origin Ethiopia
Region Idido Ukitee
ProducersHambela Wamena
Packing 60kg GrainPro
Harvest November - January
Score 83
Type arabica
Varietals Landrace
Processing Natural
Altitude 1960 - 2400 MASL
Prep Screen 14 Up

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Flavour Detail


Dark chocolate, red berries, floral, spicy, typical Guji fruitiness


About the producer

Hambela Wamena

Our Hambela Wamena Grade 3 comes from the Yirgacheffe region of Idido Ukitee where the coffee is processed at the producer’s washing station. Grown at high altitudes, the region's fertile red-brown clay soil and annual rainfall of 1450-1770mm is ideal for coffee growing. The high altitude of the farms range from 1,960 - 2,400 MASL with average temperatures of 15.5 – 18.4ºC that ensures slow ripening of the cherries. The cherries are all handpicked between November and January.

The varietals are for the most part what’s known as ‘Landrace’ meaning they have developed without any human intervention or cross breeding with other varieties and have adapted entirely to local conditions

Origin of beans


Producing Regions

Kaffa, Sidamo, Yirgachaffe, Limu, Harrar, Nekempti


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