KE Microlot AB – Kieni

Sweet, ruby grapefruit, raspberry, milk chocolate, honey

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Bean Details

Origin Kenya
Region Nyeri County
ProducersMugaga Farmers Cooperative Society
Packing 30 kg printed linen bags with GrainPro
Harvest October - December
Score 91
Type arabica
Varietals Mainly SL 28 & SL 34
Processing Washed
Altitude 1650 - 1750 MASL
Prep Screen 16 - 18

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Flavour Detail


Sweet ruby grapefruit, raspberry, rhubarb, floral, milk chocolate, honey


About the producer

Mugaga Farmers Cooperative Society

Nyeri County, about 150 kms from the capital Nairobi, is known for its rich, deep red soils and unsurprisingly, for its coffee. Our Kieni AB comes from the Mugaga Farmers’ Co-operative Society that has roughly 1000 members and operates 5 processing mills supporting local farming groups. This coffee comes from growers in the Kieni area and is processed at a mill named after the area. Local farms grow tea and banana’s as well as coffee to supplement their income.

Good rainfall, 1000-1200mm per year, the high altitude, rich, organic soils and of course the skill and expertise of the farmers, results in a coffee that typifies how terrific Kenyan coffees are.

Origin of beans


Producing Regions

Mt. Kenya, the Aberdare Range, Kisii, Nyanza, Bungoma, Nakuru and Kericho


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