Papua New Guinea

PG Mountain Paradise X

Tropical fruits, chocolate

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Bean Details

Origin Papua New Guinea
Region Simbu & Eastern Highlands Province
ProducersPG Mountain Paradise
Packing 60kg
Harvest April – August
Score 81
Type arabica
Varietals Bourbon, Typica
Processing Washed
Altitude 1650 MASL
Prep Screen Size 15 - 18

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Flavour Detail


Tropical fruits, milk chocolate, citrus notes, solid body


About the producer

PG Mountain Paradise

Our Mountain Paradise is a blend of coffees from two Provinces in PNG’s Highlands. Each region has different soils that play a part in the coffee’s flavour, limestone based soils from Simbu Province and the fertile volcanic soil of the Eastern Highlands Province. The coffee is sourced from small farms in parchment form by our sister company in PNG who know and work with the farmers. Quality is an important factor in what coffee is bought, from only ripe cherries being picked to the parchment being dried to as close to the correct moisture content as possible.

The parchment is then processed at our Lahamenegu Mill in Goroka starting with a final drying if needed to ensure the moisture level is below 12%. The coffee is then screened and sorted to X grade specifications. Once processed, the coffee is kept at the mill where the humidity is low. Orders are then shipped direct from the over 300 km’s to the port city of Lae just in time to meet vessel schedules.

Origin of beans

Papua New Guinea

Producing Regions

Eastern Highlands, Western Highlands and Chimbu


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