Papua New Guinea

PG Nebilyer Valley A/X

Milk chocolate, savoury, good body

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Bean Details

Origin Papua New Guinea
Region Waghi valley
ProducersNebilyer Valley
Packing 60kg
Harvest April – September
Score 82
Type arabica
Varietals Bourbon, Typica
Processing Fully washed
Altitude 1350 - 1700 MASL
Prep Washed, hand sorted

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Flavour Detail


Milk chocolate, roast tomato, liquorice, viscous, big body


About the producer

Nebilyer Valley

Grown in the Western Highlands Waghi Valley. Like the majority of PNG coffee this is grown by small farms. Ideal soils, rainfall and climate in this region ensure good growth and output from the trees. Cherries are processed at the Korgua wet mill for washing, drying and sorting. At each of these stages, quality control is monitored to ensure this coffee continues to build its reputation.

Careful and planned logistics ensure that the coffee is transported and warehoused correctly prior to shipment; essential to preserving the integrity and quality of the beans.

Origin of beans

Papua New Guinea

Producing Regions

Eastern Highlands, Western Highlands and Chimbu


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