YE Mocha Matari Peaberry

Port wine, citrus, cocoa

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Bean Details

Origin Yemen
Region Bani Matar
ProducersAl Hamdani
Packing 20 kg GrainPro & linen bags
Harvest December - January
Score 86
Type arabica
Varietals Mainly Tufahi
Processing Natural
Altitude 1800 - 2500 MASL
Prep Screen 11 Up

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Flavour Detail


Port wine, cocoa, citrus rind, delicate tea like notes


About the producer

Al Hamdani

Similar to Ethiopia, Yemen has one of the oldest relationships with coffee with the terrain and varietals very similar. Steep, arid mountainous land provides a breathtaking backdrop for Yemeni coffee farms. The coffee appears to be growing wild with absolute minimum cultivation. Although not certified, can be considered to be grown organically. The harvest is gathered at peak ripeness to create this fine natural Yemen Mocha coffee. This coffee is from one of the oldest and most famous growing regions, Bani Mattar, still recognised by Yemeni’s as being the most fragrant and complex. Almost a journey back to the very origin of coffee, the flavours are sweet, complex and exotic.

Despite the horrific hostilities in the country, Al Hamdani has still been able to ship coffee out. Even obtaining the natural cherries was difficult, many farmers understandably didn't want to risk the journey from their farms to the mills. We're grateful for the incredible effort that's gone into this coffee.

Origin of beans


Producing Regions

Bani Mater ,Yafe'e ,Haraz , Haimateen , Bura'a , Bani Hammad , Amran


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