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CofiCom is part of Volcafe’s global coffee network allowing us direct access into origins, sustainability support programmes and unparalleled market expertise


In October,  Volcafe launched a new Sustainability Strategy, an ambitious, overarching plan to achieve its vision for a thriving, sustainable coffee business for all. It builds on years of projects delivered by Volcafe teams around the globe, including its Volcafe Way activities, bringing structure and cohesion by focusing on three key areas: Sustainable Profitability; Regenerative Practices and Responsible Citizenship.

Volcafe’s Sustainability Director, Liesbeth Kamphuis, says “The Strategy takes our sustainability work to a new level, setting out what we will do in three key areas where progress is critical to the long-term success of our industry. We cannot achieve change alone – this Strategy depends on partnerships. We’ll work with farmers, roasters, donors, authorities and other coffee stakeholders, to achieve our aims.”

Volcafe Managing Director Trishul Mandana said “We are one of the world’s largest traders of Arabica and Robusta coffees occupying a key position in the global coffee supply chain linking producers in the field with roasters in the market. We’ve earned a reputation for sustainability projects that deliver on-the-ground impacts while achieving the aims of our customers. Now we want to go further and, working with stakeholders, find systemic and permanent solutions to the social and environmental challenges that continue to exist in the sector.”


Cofi-Com Trading is a subsidiary of the Volcafe Group, which in turn forms part of the coffee division of ED&F Man Holdings Ltd. These two global partners assist in our ability and reach to source the quality and diverse range of coffees we offer.

Our global information networks offer an enormous amount of insight into global coffee industry trends and moves, allowing us to guide and advise our customers. Through our networks, we are involved with:-




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