We've made buying as simple and straightforward as we can. Here's some often asked questions:

We certainly do and have done for over 30 years! Specialty is an important part of what we do and we continually source a wide range of 80+ micro-lots and selected origins aimed at Specialty roasters. We also make sure our prices are realistic especially following COVID.

For delivery, minimum order is one tonne. This roughly equates to 16 bags of 60kg bags.  However, for collection from our warehouse, the minimum order is a single bag upwards. Roasters are more than welcome to arrange their own pick and transport.

Our warehouse is open from 7.30am to 2pm Monday to Friday. Please allow at least 24 hours from ordering to collection.

We carry between 800 – 900 different coffees and while the market is volatile and expected to stay this way for some time, price lists would date too quickly. Let us know what origins you are interested in and we’ll confirm prices.  Otherwise we can send an origin snapshot of 8 or nine core coffees.

Of course!  We support smaller roasters and startup businesses; always have done. Our Huntingwood Lab specialises in this and Dariusz, John and Josephine are always delighted to discuss origins, pricing and availability.

We keep it very simple, we send you an account application and once recieved back, takes a working day to activate. With the account set up, orders can be placed. First three orders are payment in advance and thereafter on standard 30 day payment terms.

Coffee prices are quoted on the day based on the Australian $ against the US$ and the New York ‘C’ price.  Buying coffee on Spot means that the price paid between orders will fluctuate. We always advise our roasters the spot price at time of ordering.

This is an agreement that fixes a price and amount of coffee the roaster commits to order over an agreed period of time. Cofi-Com warehouses the coffee and as the coffee is ordered, we invoice for that amount. Forward sales are also known as contracts.

Forward sales are ideal to guarantee origins for blends where consistency and pricing is a critical over a fixed period of time. Minimum amounts for forward contracts are one tonne of a specific line.

No problem at all, we do this all the time. A pallet is normally 16 bags or one tonne, layered by origin and shrunk wrapped.

Payment can either be by EFT or credit card. [We don’t accept AMEX/Diners] As with most businesses, we do have to pass on a small credit card surcharge.  All payments are processed through our West Ryde office. If coffee is being collected from the warehouse, please allow enough time for the payment to clear.

A number of our speciality coffees are in 30kg bags which a number of home roasters buy.  To order, we raise an invoice which has all the payment details/options. Once payment is recieved, coffee can be collected from the warehouse.

We can quote on prices ex- warehouse Sydney and provide the necessary export documentation but freight is arranged by the customer.

Yes, you can. However, you can’t advertise or label the coffees, use any symbols/trademarks suggesting the coffee is Certified. On our invoices, the description may be Fairtrade, Organic or Rainforest Alliance but there will be no certification details.  As part our compliance requirements, we obviously don’t supply certificates to any business that’s unregistered.

When we are audited by these organisations, coffees sold to non-certified businesses are recorded as ‘Uncertified’ sales. They are aware who we sold to, how much and when.  We strongly recommend looking at the relevant websites and having a full understanding of what’s needed to become certified.

Coficom is a certified supplier of FairtradeNASAA Certified Organic and Rainforest Alliance coffees