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About the region

Producing Region

Far North Queensland, Byron Bay hinterland


Northern Rivers NSW/SE Queensland: Sept-Nov. Far North Queensland: May - July

Australia began growing coffee in 1880 and for a short time was actually self sufficient before farmers turned to sugar cane production in the 1920’s. The industry re-started in the 1980’s and is gaining worldwide reputation in the speciality sector.

Coffee today in best known from the Northern Rivers area of New South Wales and the Atherton Tablelands in Far North Queensland. Extensive work by a number of government and agricultural bodies has meant the development of hybrids such K7 and SL6 specifically for the Australian environment

NSW is uniquely subtropical with a cooler microclimate which allows the cherries a longer ripening period, usually 10-11 months. The longer the ripening time, the better the flavour. The rich volcanic soils in NSW and SE Queensland play a significant part in the sweet, chocolate notes in the coffees.

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Origin Profile

Capital Canberra
Area 7,704,000 sq. km.
Population 24,113,573
Language English
Currency Dollar
Annual Production Up to 600 tonnes
Coffee Producing Area Northern New South Wales, South East Queensland
Producing Regions Far North Queensland, Byron Bay hinterland
Coffee Varietals Typica, Mundo Novo, Bourbon, K7, SL6
Terrain Low plateau, fertile plains in southeast and desert areas
Altitude 200 - 400 MASL, some areas up to 900 MASL
Soil Varied
Processing Natural, Honey, Fully washed


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    1 Products available from Australia

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