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Producing Region

Bani Mater ,Yafe'e ,Haraz , Haimateen , Bura'a , Bani Hammad , Amran


June - December

Yemen’s coffee pedigree and heritage is beyond dispute. The country and its ports are intertwined with every story and legend. Sadly, Yemen has had to endure ongoing conflict since 2005 despite unification in 1990. Recent uprisings and military activity has added to the disruption. This has also affected a number of internationally funded schemes. These have been aimed at improving farmers conditions, yields and agricultural practices. Providing the country stabilises and the coffee industry receives support and attention, Yemen has every possibility of again taking its rightful place in the coffee world.

Obtaining Yemeni coffee currently is not easy and relies heavily on established contacts and trust. We were delighted to receive our new season Mocha Matari recently after a tortuous journey through various ports. It’s everything that would be expected; amazing flavours and complexity from a true heirloom coffee.

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1 Products available from Yemen

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Origin Profile

Capital Sana’a
Area 527,970 square kilometers
Population 25 million [estimated]
Language Arabic
Currency Yemeni Rial
Annual Production Estimated at between 300,000 and 350,000 bags
Coffee Producing Area 33,260 hectares
Producing Regions Bani Mater ,Yafe'e ,Haraz , Haimateen , Bura'a , Bani Hammad , Amran
Coffee Varietals Heirloom Arabicas that include Matari, Udayni, Toufahari, Dohairi.
Terrain Mountains, highland plains
Altitude 700 – 2400 MASL
Soil Highlands: sandy, loamy
Processing Fully washed, sundried


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    1 Products available from Yemen

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