Working closely with our customers, we have developed a unique and recipe precise pre-blending service - a major time saver for roasters


We are always delighted to arrange a cupping session at our Huntingwood Quality Lab. It's always informal; we speak coffee not jargon. Allow at least an hour; we normally cup Monday to Thursday. If you've never cupped before, don't worry - we take you through it.

For the experienced cupper, we often put a few new arrival samples on the table as well. It’s always a good chance to calibrate!


Our pre-blending assists roasters improve their production efficiency. Blend origins first run through de-stoners before passing through equipment designed to achieve an accurate ratio mix. Blends can be packed in 60kg or 900kg bags. Minimum production run is 1.5 tonnes per recipe.



Our team can assist with all aspects of forward planning such as reserving stock, building a pre-blending schedule and arranging delivery; all functions that assist roasters with day to day operations.


Our Quality Lab team understand the flavours and unique characteristics of the green coffees we carry and most importantly how to bring these flavours together. Whether its a very specifc blend match, totally new project or flavour re-vamp, we can help. Our advice and feedback is always constructive, we are all passionate about coffee but there is commercial reality - coffee has to sell!

What we discuss in the Lab, stays in the Lab; we treat all discussions as confidential.



We are always happy to analyse green of roasted coffee for our customers. Screening reports, moisture content, certifcate of origin can all be provided if needed.

Our Quality Lab Agtron is always on and running a roasted sample through on Gourmet or Commercial scale is no problem at all. It's always useful to have a benchmark for roasting levels on a regular basis, all we need is a 70g sample of roasted beans.

Providing feedback on blends is part of what we do as well. We cup the blend in our usual way to build an idea of the flavour and origins, then taste as espresso and most importantly; in milk. Feedback will always be practical and useful.




Enquire to request pricing and availablity of any product

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